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We are proud to offer you some of the most amazing lighting fixtures from USAI Lighting. They are dedicated to staying ahead of the technology curve and effectively translating the needs of specifiers into forward thinking, high performing and beautiful lighting products. We believe that less is more and continue to develop small and compact cutting edge products that deliver increasing performance and energy savings - solving even the most complex challenges faced by specifiers today.  USAI Lighting has received numerous patents and awards for its proprietary and unique electrical and mechanical product technologies. We take pride in developing and manufacturing our  LED light engines as well as our fixtures, optical and thermal management systems.  Reliable dimming and compatibility with major architectural controls systems is ensured through rigorous engineering and testing. Each new product introduced by USAI Lighting pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in LED research and development, a forward-thinking approach that has resulted in a stream of industry firsts. 


Bring the outside in, with the right light at the right time to create a natural feeling light that transitions seamlessly throughout the day from cool and bright during the day, to warm and dim in the evening.
Just like Daylight.




USAI Lighting engineers were given a mission: develop an optical design that offers power and beam control not previously possible in an LED fixture. The end result is USAI Lighting’s patent-pending optical system, developed through the use of sophisticated software and human ingenuity. USAI Lighting has developed a diverse toolbox with a full array of beam spreads from 10 to 90 degrees. Point Perfect® provides the first tight, 10-degree beam from a 2.5-inch aperture and is indistinguishable from an MR16 very narrow beam. Optical apertures are available in 1-1/4 inches up to 6 inches, delivering anywhere between 500 to 6,000 lumens.



USAI Lighting engineers have created new possibilities and design tools never before available . Designers can now select from a wide array of color temperatures, ranging from 2,200K to 6,000K in both static single kelvin temperature LEDs or variable color product families. These  patented technologies offer design opportunities only limited by the imagination and include, Color Select®, Warm Glow Dimming®, Infinite Color+® and Color Harmony®. These proprietary and patented products offer designers unique and flexible color temperature ranges to achieve desired goals - whether the need is to find the perfect color temperature to flatter a bride’s skin tone while simultaneously allowing her diamonds to sparkle, or to create study spaces in which students can work under lighting  that mimics natural daylight from morning to evening for maximum alertness. 



USAI Lighting has achieved the delicate act of balancing maximum performance with energy efficiency - without compromise. This means offering LED fixtures that provide the most amount of light using the least amount of watts with beautiful results. Our minimal fixtures deliver maximum performance from the smallest possible apertures - blending seamlessly into architecture. Available options range from under 500 to over 6,000 delivered lumens, with a center beam candlepower ranging up to 72,000 cd and efficacy over 100 lm/w.


Here at Gotham we understand with all the different choices and technologies, lighting can be extremely overwhelming. We encourage you to call or email our team that will listen to your needs and make it all simple again. 


Light Fixture for Sloped Ceilings

Angled Fixtures

Beautiful, precise recessed lighting for sloped ceiling installations up to 45 degrees.

USAI Lighting Beveled Block Pendant and surface mount Fixtures

Beveled Block

Modern high performance architectural lighting for exposed ceilings

Drop Ceiling Light Fixtures Wholesale Distributor

Drop Ceiling

A sheetrock solution for acoustical ceiling tiles, developed with Armstrong® Solutions

USAI Infinite Color Dealer

Infinite Color

Transform any space with fine tuned architectural whites and full color flexibility.

Basic Downlight Distributor NYC

Basic Down Lights

High performance classic white LED downlights with extensive dimming and finish options.

USAI Color Select Fixture Dealers

Color Select

Our tunable white LED technology offers maximum flexibility from 2200 - 6000K.

USAI Budget Downlight Supplier Long Island

Economical Downlights

Most economical small aperture LED downlight product family available.

Hi-Hats With Max Output NYC Wholesaler

Max Output

LED performance and maximum intensity reach unprecedented levels.

NYC USAI Supplier Beveled Hi_Hats

Beveled 2.2 Hi-Hat

Industry-leading performance in the most complete recessed LED product family available.

USAI Opal Glass Light Fixture Dealer

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass adds a gentle ambiance to our high performance downlights and cylinders.

USAI Grid Lighting Distributor Long Island

Grid Lighting

USAI Lighting offers best-in-class integrated solutions for Armstrong Ceiling Systems.

USAI Metal Light Fixture

Metal Works

Square recessed lighting integrates beautifully with metal ceiling panels from Armstrong®

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